The Extension Master Gardener Program

The Extension Master Gardener Program was created to meet an increase in requests from home gardeners for horticultural information. This increase derives primarily from the urban and transient nature of modern American life. Fifty years ago, an Extension agent dealt with the questions of a few hundred farm families. In many regions, however, land that once constituted a single farm now encompasses several subdivisions, increasing the number of families an Extension office must serve. In additions, many of these families are unfamiliar with the grasses, shrubs, trees, and diseases that comprise the microenvironment of their new home. They often will call their local Extension office for advice on what to plant and how to care for it.

Consequently, the Extension Master Gardener Program was created in 1973 in the state of Washington. Since then it has spread nationwide. Master Gardeners have become a vital part of Extension’s ability to provide consumers with up-to-date, reliable knowledge so they can enjoy and protect the plantings around their homes. Master Gardening also has become a fun and useful volunteer activity that has given its participants a sense of community spirit, accomplishment, and intellectual stimulation.

Today, nearly 100,000 Extension Master Gardener volunteers are active in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. These programs seek to engage diverse audiences both as volunteers and through outreach efforts. Local agents, advisory councils and volunteer leaders are committed to offering programs that serve all people regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, disability, or national origin.

Greenup County Master Gardeners

 2017 Officers

 President:  Nannette Stevens

Vice-President:  Linda Thompson

Secretary:  Connie Wilburn

Treasurer:  Debbie Meadows


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